i felt terrified. and then i felt powerful.

i love abigail hobbs the most
~ adores all the fictional women you hate ~

Make Me Choose: anon asked: Beverly as part of team sassy science or Beverly with WIll

Jack: “Has anyone touched the body?”
Zeller: “For once, local police behaved themselves.”
Price: “It’s fairly evident the man’s dead just by looking at him.”
Bev: “I touched the body. A lot going on with that body. Surgery was performed and then un-performed.”
Zeller: “Surgery was un-performed with bare hands, sutures clawed open. I, uh, I also did a little bit of touching.”

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Make Me Chooseanonymous asked:

Alana when she cries, when she screams or when she smiles

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Make Me Chooseanon asked: Hannibal/Mason or Will/Mason

"I answered the door in some leather, you know. Watched for some reaction, didn’t see any. I was concerned he’d be afraid of me, but he didn’t seem to be. Afraid of me — that’s funny now."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   hannibal lecter;   mason verger;   make me choose;   mine;   oh man i hATE mASON sO mUCH;   but thank you for such a sweet message anon!;   so i tried;   this part of the book is frigging gold though;   mason jacking off in front of hannibal and hannibal being all 'uh-HUH' here have these dubious drugs then peel off your own face;   oh ~hannibal~;  

Make Me Chooseanon asked: Hannibal with food or Abigail with her hunting knife

"Just like we talked about. Start at the sternum. Keep the blade pointed up. Damage the organs, you ruin the meat."

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Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: Freddie with her camera or Alana with her gun

"I found more bullets."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   alana bloom;   make me choose;   mine;   alana was p badass and very brave lbr;  

Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: hannigram or fem!hannigram

"I don’t find you that interesting."
"You will."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   hannigram;   caroline dhavernas;   gillian anderson;   otp: i think i'll eat your heart;   make me choose;   mine;   yeah so hannigram is nice and all but WHAT IF;   one day i will finish my genderflip au series;   one day;   hannibal au meme;  

Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: Will/Abigail or Hannibal/Abigail

"I’ll keep your secret."
"And I’ll keep yours."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   hannibal lecter;   abigail hobbs;   make me choose;   mine;   otp: no more climbing walls;  

Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: Freddie Lounds or Bedelia du Maurier

"I appreciate the pageantry, Agent Crawford, but you can’t arrest me for writing an article."

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Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: Alana/Hannibal, Alana/Freddie or Alana/Margot

You’re everything I think I need here on the ground
But you’re neither friend nor foe
Though I can’t seem to let you go
The one thing that I still know is that you’re keeping me down

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   alana bloom;   freddie lounds;   hannibaladies;   make me choose;   mine;   otp: unstoppable force meets immovable object;   i combined two prompts; hope that ok with you anons;   because i'm always about the fralana;   really genuinely think that these two should be a canon couple;   they would be amazing together;  

Make Me Chooseanonymous  asked: Season 1 or Season 2

"It’s beautiful in its own way. Giving voice to the unmentionable."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   make me choose;   mine;   gore ///;   blood ///;   anon also asked why i picked s1 or s2 so:;   the greatest strength of s1 was the pacing;   there was no filler episodes or dead air;   i also loved the variety of killers (as you can guess from this gifset);   their motivations and methods were all distinct and unique;   i like the large cast of supporting characters;   even those characters who were only in a few scenes felt well-rounded (especially the women);   and finally there was a newness effect - seeing the first episode bowled me over;   because i had never seen anything like it on tv before;   the attention to detail was truly something;  


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