i felt terrified. and then i felt powerful.

i love abigail hobbs the most
~ adores all the fictional women you hate ~

Make Me Chooseanonymous asked:

Margot in black or Margot in red?

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   margot verger;   hannibaladies;   mine;   make me choose;   she looks stunning in every color lbr :))));   totally inspired by sunglory's gorgeous red gif series (◡‿◡✿);  

Make Me Chooseanonymous asked:

favourite hannibal femslash ship » fralana

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   freddie lounds;   alana bloom;   hannibaladies;   mine;   make me choose;   i love ALL the femslash ships tbh;   but this week i'm very into fralana so;   otp: unstoppable force meets immovable object;  

Make Me Chooseanonymous asked:

Abigail’s hair, Abigail’s jackets or Abigail’s scarves?

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   abigail hobbs;   mine;   make me choose;   yo this is my kind of prompt;   i noticed that abi wears a scarf when she's feeling insecure or uncomfortable;   when she's confident with someone she doesn't hide her scars;   all i need is a scarf to pass;  

Make Me Choose: anon asked: Beverly as part of team sassy science or Beverly with WIll

Jack: “Has anyone touched the body?”
Zeller: “For once, local police behaved themselves.”
Price: “It’s fairly evident the man’s dead just by looking at him.”
Bev: “I touched the body. A lot going on with that body. Surgery was performed and then un-performed.”
Zeller: “Surgery was un-performed with bare hands, sutures clawed open. I, uh, I also did a little bit of touching.”

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   beverly katz;   team sassy science;   make me choose;   mine;   BROT3;   stand back we're going to do SCIENCE;  

Make Me Chooseanonymous asked:

Alana when she cries, when she screams or when she smiles

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   alana bloom;   hannibaladies;   notjustfuneralreasons;   julia i made this and thought of you;   queen alana in the house;   make me choose;   mine;  

Make Me Chooseanon asked: Hannibal/Mason or Will/Mason

"I answered the door in some leather, you know. Watched for some reaction, didn’t see any. I was concerned he’d be afraid of me, but he didn’t seem to be. Afraid of me — that’s funny now."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   hannibal lecter;   mason verger;   make me choose;   mine;   oh man i hATE mASON sO mUCH;   but thank you for such a sweet message anon!;   so i tried;   this part of the book is frigging gold though;   mason jacking off in front of hannibal and hannibal being all 'uh-HUH' here have these dubious drugs then peel off your own face;   oh ~hannibal~;  

Make Me Chooseanon asked: Hannibal with food or Abigail with her hunting knife

"Just like we talked about. Start at the sternum. Keep the blade pointed up. Damage the organs, you ruin the meat."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   abigail hobbs;   make me choose;   mine;   blood ///;   violence ///;   sweet murder princess;  

Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: Freddie with her camera or Alana with her gun

"I found more bullets."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   alana bloom;   make me choose;   mine;   alana was p badass and very brave lbr;  

Make Me Choose: anonymous asked: hannigram or fem!hannigram

"I don’t find you that interesting."
"You will."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   hannigram;   caroline dhavernas;   gillian anderson;   otp: i think i'll eat your heart;   make me choose;   mine;   yeah so hannigram is nice and all but WHAT IF;   one day i will finish my genderflip au series;   one day;   hannibal au meme;   otp: professional curiosity;  

Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: Will/Abigail or Hannibal/Abigail

"I’ll keep your secret."
"And I’ll keep yours."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   hannibal lecter;   abigail hobbs;   make me choose;   mine;   otp: no more climbing walls;  


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