i felt terrified. and then i felt powerful.

i love abigail hobbs the most
~ adores all the fictional women you hate ~
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There’s no hope for the weary 

If you let them win without a fight


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hannibal + steps

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"This wasn’t supposed to be my life."

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Hannibal meme - six episodes (in no particular order): Kō No Mono

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Kacey Rohl
Hettienne Park
Gina Torres
Gillian Anderson
Caroline Dhavernas
Anna Chlumsky
Lara Jean Chorostecki
Katherine Isabelle

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I have the wrong parts ad the wrong proclivity for parts.
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Anonymous asked
what's your Myers-Briggs type?

tbh i think the Myers-Briggs is a bit scientifically dubious, but most tests of it i’ve tried have put me as a INTJ which sounds about right.

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wolves and girls both have sharp t e e t h

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Anonymous asked
I totally get you on the newness effect. When I first watched those first few episodes they bowled me over in a way no other show has. But at this point episodes 1 and 2 are actually among my least favorites lol. I almost wish I could forget it all and watch it fresh to get that feeling again.

Oh yes, from the very opening scene of Aperitif I was in awe. I’m a sucker for good cinematography and David Slade always blows me away! Episode 1 actually remains one of my very favourites not only for the visuals, but also because there’s so much depth there (hidden meanings, metaphors, hints at future themes). Episode 2 is a bit of an oddball, but I find Eldon more interesting the more I watch him. 

Oddly, the only thing I wasn’t sure about at first was Mads as Hannibal, just because he is so different from book!Hannibal. But the therapy scene at the end of ep 2 (killing must feel good to god too - he does it all the time) totally sold me. It’s some of my favourite dialogue from the books and Mads and Hugh absolutely nailed it.

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Make Me Chooseanonymous  asked: Season 1 or Season 2

"It’s beautiful in its own way. Giving voice to the unmentionable."

TAGGED:    hannibal;   hannibaledit;   make me choose;   mine;   gore ///;   blood ///;   anon also asked why i picked s1 or s2 so:;   the greatest strength of s1 was the pacing;   there was no filler episodes or dead air;   i also loved the variety of killers (as you can guess from this gifset);   their motivations and methods were all distinct and unique;   i like the large cast of supporting characters;   even those characters who were only in a few scenes felt well-rounded (especially the women);   and finally there was a newness effect - seeing the first episode bowled me over;   because i had never seen anything like it on tv before;   the attention to detail was truly something;  


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