i felt terrified. and then i felt powerful.

i love abigail hobbs the most
~ adores all the fictional women you hate ~
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make me choose: margot verger or mason verger (requested by )

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Take me out of this place I’m in
Break me out of this shell-like case I’m in

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— And I’ll keep yours.

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The ladies of Hannibal

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the traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive

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"Were you sleeping with Hannibal Lecter when you were his student or is that a recent development? Maybe that’s why you can’t see it."

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who are you?

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Make Me Chooseanonymous asked: the Vergers or the Hobbses

"One cannot be delusional if the belief in question is accepted as ordinary by others in that person’s culture or subculture. Or family."

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are you okay?

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